Scope and Content

Rev. Thomas Cruddas Porteus (1876-1948), clergyman and antiquarian.

  • /1 10 Nov 1919, his research into 1315 Banaster rising, asks to see transcript of a Coram Rege roll; has acquired a map of Park Hall, Charnock Richard; removal of a cross by Wigan Corporation with Bradshaw family arms.
  • /2 6 Jun 1922, the Banaster rising, Coram Rege rolls
  • /3 21 Dec 1922, encloses a photograph (of a document) [not present], with queries concerning content. Will be inspecting the Standish deeds with representatives of Wigan Corporation to decide whether should be acquired by Wigan Library.
  • /4 14 Nov 1924, his unsuccessful doctoral examination.
  • /5 21 Nov 1924, possible revisions to his thesis.
  • /6 9 Dec 1924, possible new area of research for his thesis.
  • /7 22 Dec 1926, problem of the battle of Brunanburh [937 AD], believes may have identified the location of this battle, suggesting Wenshead, Darwen Moor near Blackburn [Lancs].
  • /8 16 Jul 1935, thanks for his book on Salford court leet records; very little time for research, but hopes to publish his work on "Jacobite plot" in the Standish papers.
  • /9 7 May 1941, accepts offer to serve on Chetham Society committee; birthday greetings to Tait; recent meeting with Lord Crawford at Haigh Hall.