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From E J Davies, historian, editor of History.

/1 15 Feb 1926, re. King John's order of 1206, believes Mr (Arthur Hermann) Thomas might have a view on it, who is researching on the early constitution of city of London.

/2 27 Jan 1933, Tait's note on Professor Waugh, and a notice on Professor [Martin?] Weinbaum's work.

/3 19 Feb 1933, expresses regret that Tait publishing review of Weinbaum in English Historical Review [London under Edward I und II, reviewed in EHR xlix]; says has difficulties with Weinbaum's work; giving lectures on Southwark; asks if he could write a notice of H. W. C. Davis' inaugural lecture (Oxford). Attached are a manuscript note on same by Tait) and a newspaper cutting on City of London wardmotes.