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From John Horace Round, (1854-1928), historian.

191/1 19 Jan 1898, addressed to R. L. Poole, admires maps of medieval France in Poole's Historical Atlas [Tait had produced maps for this]; notes error in one map, mistaking counts of Mortain and Mortagne, considers Tait's maps are "clear and remarkably accurate" [letter is incomplete].

191/2 7 Jun 1901, pleased to hear that Tait found document interesting; source was a transcript of French departmental archives at the PRO, he believes from either the Lille or Arras volume.

191/3 12 Feb 1907, criticism of the translator of the Shropshire Domesday, who he suspects of being a crank; refers to passage in Domesday concerning Wigmore and Roger Mortimer.

191/4 19 Oct 1910, thanks for his review of his book, [Round's Peerage and Pedigree in English Historical Review Oct 1910]. Feels worth more than other he received - "Uncritical praise is not what one wants."

191/5 28 Feb 1917, forwards copy of his inaugural address as president of the Essex Archaeological Society titled 'The sphere of an archaeological society', believes may have bearing on his criticisms of Maitland; his belief that needs to be more teaching of local history. Current ill-health and restrictions on his research,

191/6 5 Mar 1917, on St Nicholas a parish in Colchester, a Balliol College living .

191/7 17 Feb 1918, ill-health hindering his research; requests an opinion on monastic charter from Tait rather than R. L. Poole; spoken to H. A. L. Fisher, minister of education about "coordination of central and local historical research" and "found him alive to its necessity"; his presidential address to Essex Archaeological Society in 1917 [see /5] dealt with origins of Essex parishes with criticisms of the "theories of Stubbs and of Maitland".

191/8 2 Jun 1919, Tait's retirement from Manchester, suggests Tait may now be able to increase his research. Hoping to publish on borough history, and criticises Adolphus Ballard for "trying to set Humpty Dumpty on the wall again" with reference to the castle guard thesis, which he says even Maitland recognized had nothing to do with 'garrison' theory. Told Poole should not reopen question, and pleased that "Petit Dutaillis" [i.e. Charles Petit-Dutaillis] had written clearly on the subject. Thanks for review in EHR on Magna Carta essay which is "really too favourable" [Round's "Barons and knights in the Great Charter" in H. E. Malden ed. Magna Carta: commemoration essays (London 1917)].

191/9 9 Jun 1919, plans of the Pipe Roll Society, believe they should publish the Roll of 34 Henry II, and then finish; Round might manage an introduction for this volume if production costs fall; history of the de Trafford family, and the claims they are of pre-Conquest origin.

191/10 24 Jul 1921, cannot supply text he wants; suggests research into the Maldon charters; Round's paper on borough origins, so far only completed part of original of Colchester, regrets that Colchester borough court rolls will be edited by "Jeayes"; criticises work on Hunter [Joseph Hunter (1873-1861)?] on pipe rolls, poor dating; Pleased to hear Tait's eyesight has improved.

191/11 19 April 1925, publication of Farrer's Honors and Knights' fees, third volume, hopes won't be a clash with Round's work; his English Historical Review article on "The legend of 'Eudo Dapifer'" (Jan 1922) and Arundel. Round describes his "nervous breakdown", which has meant that nurses look after him.

191/12 19 May 1925; Tait's paper on "liber burgenes" [probably essay on 'Liber Burgus' in Essays in medieval history presented to Thomas Frederick Tout (1925)] mentions reference in PR 2 Richard 1 (1190); interested to hear about Farrer's unfinished work.

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