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From Hubert Hall, (1857-1944), archivist and historian.

91/1 5 May 1897 thank for his "friendly hint" about Round's article; says cannot afford to let attack pass, refers to inaccuracies in Round's criticisms. [historian J H Round had been outspoken critic of Hall's study of the Red Book of the Exchequer, published in 1896]

91/2-4 23 May 1901, compares notes with Tait re. Richard II documents including parliamentary rolls, on which offers detailed commentary an continued in letters 2/3, 14 and 18 Jun 1901.

91/5 17 Oct 1904, thanks for the "Manchester book" [Medieval Manchester...]; refers to a Chester roll, says a codex of baronial charters would be very useful as pendant to the diplomata of the royal chancery; also refers to a course he is teaching at LSE.

91/6 19 Dec 1933, refers to the Tait festschrift; and has been editing C Gross's Law merchant [i.e. Select cases concerning the law merchant, A.D. 1251-1779 (Selden Society 1932)].

91/7 1 Nov 1936, his current activities, publishing with Selden Society.