Scope and Content

Letters from Helen Cam (1885-1968), historian.

37/1 Oct 1927, her article on Northampton borough for Victoria County History, query about borough status of Northampton and its grant of charters.

37/2 9 Oct 1927, thanks for response to previous letter, detailed comments on Northampton's borough charters.

37/3 22 Oct 1928, thanks for assistance on her Northampton research.

37/4 12 Feb 1933, thanks for information on Colchester. Dorothea Whitlock's research on the Swedish hundred.

37/5 3 Mar 1933, Miss Strutt's MA thesis which may be of interest.

37/6 20 Dec 1933, Tait's 70th birthday celebrations.

37/7 24 Sep 1935, attached are notes pertaining to medieval Oxford. Her article on Cambridge to be published in the 'Cambridge Antiquarian.' Cam goes on the mock "Stephenson," [Carl Stephenson (1886-1954), American historian], and describes work she has been doing for J.S. Willow, saying she is moving on to St. Albans.

37/8 1 May 1935, writing on borough of Cambridge for Victoria County History, and asks for advice on several points.