Bundle of letters

Scope and Content

From Thomas Bruce Dilks, historian.

58/1 1 Feb 1928, believes that history of municipal government shows "growing towards simplicity" rather than other way round. Asks for Tait's advice on an edition of manuscripts he is preparing on Bridgwater town government; says supported by town council, who are taking greater interest in Town's history; asks for translation of phrase "ad tunc bullious" and presents list of questions.

58/2 7 Feb 1928, asks if can have a copy of Tait's essay from the Tout festschrift, as has lost existing copy ["Liber burgus" in A G Little and F M Powicke, Essays in medieval history presented to Thomas Frederick Tout (Manchester 1925)].

58/3 14 Oct 1928, offers to send his transcripts of the Bridgwater borough muniments for comment.

58/4 11 Mar 1930, health improved, and hoping to return to the archives, will be working on correcting his dating, and asks for advice on certain saint's days.

58/5 2 Oct 1930, thanks for offprint on borough development, has been working on biographies of Bridgwater's medieval MPs for the History of Parliament and has concluded Bridgwater selected from own burgesses until 15th century, thereafter selected lawyers. Proceeding with his borough history and hopes Tait can offer comments, and asks for advice on reading.

58/6 16 Oct 1932, Somerset Record Society will publish his edition of Bridgwater muniments in 1933, working on medieval MPs, contributing to a Middle English dictionary and a short guide to (Bridgwater?) parish church.

58/7 16 Jul 1933, evidently responding to amendments Tait had suggested to his text, asks for further comments on the Bridgwater Ordinance of the Burgesses, and work of borough court.

58/8 1 Aug 1933, dating of a Bridgwater charter etc.

58/9 18 Dec 1933, regrets cannot attend Tait's 70th birthday events.

58/10 16 Feb 1936, says views of pre-mayoral offices of Bridgwater borough clearer thanks to Tait's work, similarities between gild and borough officials, and differences with reeves.

58/11 28 Jun 1936, congratulates Tait on his latest book [Medieval English borough ] which includes several references to Bridgwater. He is currently working on edition of letters of Charles James Fox, which deals with his Bridgwater connections.

58/12 14 Oct 1938, Asks for advice on the contraction "sen" he has encountered in documents.

58/13 8 Aug 1940, thanks for review of second volume in English Historical Review.

58/14 1 Oct 1940, thanks for comments on his work on mesne boroughs; asks for views on document concerning royal pardon for a guild merchant, which believes from Henry V's time.

58/15 26 Apr 1944, updates on his research including the third volume of borough records, asks information on office of "counsellor" in medieval borough, as has encountered on in Bridgwater.

58/16 bundle of Tait's transcripts and notes, kept with the Dilks correspondence. (5pieces).