Bundle of letters

Scope and Content

From Frank Merry Stenton (1880-1967), historian.

208/1 13 Jul 1914, re. computing medieval miles, explains his calculations.

208/2 fragment of a letter from appears to relate to a manuscript which mention parliament of 1406, Council of Pisa, a Lollard petition, the earl of Northumberland's rebellion of 1408. Considers publishing an edition of the St Alban's Chronicle.

208/3 9 October 1923. thanks for second volume of Cheshire cartulary, praises [Eilert] Ekwall's English place-names in -ing (Lund 1923).

208/4 9 Oct 1927 thanks for copy of the Warden offprint, wishes rest of Farrer's research could be published, but accepts it is difficult. Refers to Douglas's photographs of Corpus manuscript [not identified], Bury St Edmund's material at Cambridge, which might be published. Thinks there would be demand for a volume by Tout on the reign of Edward III.

208/5 31 Aug 1931, Cannot identify term "Stoze", wonder if Allan Mawer might help.

208/6 8 Feb 1932, thanks for comments on Stenton's book;"You are the person whose approval...I was most anxious to secure".

208/7 15 Jun 1932, identifies "Eastun" as Crux Easton between Newbury and Andover.

208/8 8 Oct 1933, re the origin of "cuititen gilds", believes cuihtas were servants employed by lords to manage borough properties; accepts views are "hypothetical" and cannot say when cuhten gilds were established, but feels were obsolescent by Norman period.

208/9 20 Jun 1936 thanks for copy of Medieval English borough, which he hopes to review it, says they don't differ fundamentally over "barons of London and the Cinque Ports".

208/10 2 Jul 1937, publishing a 17th century map of Laxton, possibility that British Academy would fund. Discusses research on open field system- "many theories and not enough well distributed fact"- Laxton map would be useful for this research (attached is a cutting of photo of pre-enclosure field system.

208/11 notes on Anglo Saxon charters.

208/12 an extract from Cott. Vesp. E Xvii f. 56 [Cotton Mss, British Library] (in Latin).