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From Reginald Lane Poole (1857-1939), historian, editor of the English Historical Review.

171/1 10 Sep 1897, thanks for his proof review of Domesday Book and beyond, feels Maitland will be pleased at the critical line Tait has taken of his book; asks for minor revisions of comment relating to J. H. Round as he is "so touchy"; suggest other changes; also comments on Henry I of Saxony. [See also TAI/1/145].

171/2 18 sep 1908, thanks for his letters; feels Tait has clarified the position of the "three bishoprics", and the claim of York archdiocese to Worcester;a lso claim of York to north Lincolnshire.

171/3 16 Sep 1909, spelling systems for palaeographical trianing.

171/4 18 Jul 1910, addressed to T. F. Tout, thanks for anonymous notice, Tait's remarks on [H.A.L.] Fisher's book on Maitland [ i.e. Frederick William Maitland... a biographical sketch (Cambridge 1910), says Fisher lacks "special knowledge", and not always right about Maitland's conclusions; accuses him of bias, particularly in remarks about the church; appears wanted Tout to pass on his views to Tait.

171/5 1 Jun 1912, thanks for his explanation of wainage (comments in a review by Tait); thanks for gift of Farrer's book on Inquests [i.e.Lancashire inquests, extents, and feudal aids (2 vols., 1903, 1907).]

171/6 4 Sep 1912, moving house, "steriliuses"[?] of Orderic; Hilary Jeninson's view that tallies were "passed about just like cheques"; sending Camden volumes of John of Ganunt documents.

171/7 23 Jan 1915, Bury registers; Views of dissident friars before Lollards, and during Peasants' Revolt; asks if he thinks to consider publishing list of knights of St Endmund's c. 1200; view of [Samuel] Rudder, Gloucestershire, that constabulary continued to be unit of local organisation there; expresses some disappointment at V H Galbraith's thesis.

171/8 27 Nov 1917, comments on a Norman charter; expresses view that post-Conquest scribes did not effectively copy form of Anglo-Saxon diplomas. Poole feels it is possible for a confirmation to be "tacked" on to a memorandum, and has come across soemthing similar before. Sends a copy of a Magan Carta volume, saying "I should like to see some one 'harmonize Vinogradoff and Powicke".

171/9 23 jun 1918, sends J W Jeudwine's The foundations of society and the land (1918) for review. Says that J H Round has spoken kindly of his paper in the Magna Carta commemoration essays volume (1917), but "I always dread his wonderfully acute criticism".

171/10 8 April 1919, assistance with Chetham Society; Tait's review of N. Gras's book [The early English customs system (1918)]; William Stubb's chaning views on customs.

171/11 16 May 1923, the Registrum Privegegiorum, and the Liber Privelegiorum, a manuscript in the Oxford university archives; some defects and omissions in Salter's Medieval archives of the University of Oxford.

171/12 n.d. [1890s?], asks for reviews for EHR; aks if he could assist Tout with preparation of maps of medieval france.