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From Charles William Previté-Orton, (1877-1947), historian. Previté-Orton was editor of the English Historical Review from 1925-1938.

176/1 4 Oct 1927, [William Thomas] Mellows not planning to issue his local government of Peterborough until mid-1928.

176/2 20 Apr 1929, asks to review article by Carl Stephenson on Anglo-Saxon borough for English Historical Review; asks for advice concerning a charter that V H Galbraith is writing on.

176/3 28 Jul 1930, proposes a book on borough history for review; recommends work of Harry Rothwell [later professor of history at University of Southampton] on [Walter de] Heminburgh's chronicles.

176/4 20 Sep 1933, re. Gordon Ward's views on J. E. A. Jolliffe's book [Pre-feudal England: the Jutes (Oxford 1933)?].

176/5 22 Jul 1934, asks for Tait's comment on article by [Henry Gerald] Richardson and [George Osborne] Sayles on the Modus Tenendi Parliamentum [medieval document on parliamentary procedures].

/176/6 28 Sep 1934, thanks for comments [on an article?] concerning medieval House of Commons and debate between Richardson and [William A.] Morris on Modus Tenendi Parliamentum.

176/7 31 Oct 1934, Richardson's comments presumably relating to debate ensuing from article described in 4/-/5; Previté-Orton discusses 1357-1358 meetings of the States General of Langue d'Oïl, includes extensive notes by Tait apparently concerning the Richardson article (15 pieces).

176/8 4 Feb 1939, signed form and passed to Flower [unidentified]; his health and decision to give up editorship of English Historical Review.