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From Ernest Fraser Jacob (1894-1971), historian.

111/1 7 Jul 1921 reports that Professor (Arthur) Pollard told him about Tait's seminar on the reign of Richard II, and participants had produced papers, enquires whether they are available at the University of Manchester library.

111/2 25 Nov 1932, congratulates on honorary fellowship of Pembroke College, Oxford.

111/3 4 May 1936, says think Weinbaum's book needs much alteration, including its arguments, so does not think advisable to publish until changes are made.

111/4 12 Jul 1936, forwarding his report on Miss [Doris] Rayner's thesis, but does not know whether she will correct.

111/5 15 Jul 1936, preparing a course with G.H. Tupling on local history, will include categories of records used in local history, asks if Tait could speak on borough records [extra-mural class].

111/6 12 Sep 1936, Walter Williams' proposed book, Romantic studies, suggests that the author might provide a subsidy for it. St Bernard book; a will of Thomas Knolles senior has been discovered at PRO, and is having this photographed.

111/7 19 Oct 1941, asks if Stewart-Brown had transcribed more Cheshire Plea rolls than those published, as would be of interest to a research student.

111/8 16 May 1942; arranges meeting; refers to [Joan] Varley's second volume publication [on the Middlewich cartulary].