Scope and Content

Letters from Welbore St. Clair Baddeley, historian.

14/1 8 Apr [1922?], addressed to "My Dear Dean," comments on his friend's visit. Discusses Berkeley charters and the possibility of them being copies. Gives permission for Tait to write to him for any help with the charters.

14/2 17 May 1922, gives copies of Latin translations and gives evidence for his view of meanings of Latin words.

14/3 N.d., agrees with Tait on Ballard's interpretation of the Latin 'maereminm' [?];he also corrects the dating of a charter.

14/4 [Postcard stamped 13 Nov 1923], suggests "Foresta de Corfus" was Corse chase, Gloucestershire on the border of Worcester.

14/5 15 Nov 1923, reassures Tait that he would have identified 'Corfus forest,' if he had not been so busy editing the Chronicle. Comments on the fact that until then no one had made the connection between the forest and the Abbots of Westminster. He goes on to discuss their claims in detail.