Scope and Content

From Sir Charles Harding Firth, (1857-1936) historian.

75/1 3 Feb 1897, pleased to hear that Tait will be examining at Oxford, and hopes will be able to meet.

75/2 26 Jun 1915, letter to T F Tout informing of a visit from the Historical Manuscripts Commission to Lancashire to investigate local records. Suggests he and Tait might be called as witnesses and that he wishes Tout could have been added to the Commission, also enquires about a document. (Note by Tait in the top left corner:"sent back list with corrections to F 1/7/15.").

75/3 14 Oct 1930, records the death of his 'old friend' Robert Dunlop. Asks for his dates of matriculation [at Owens College] for an obituary.

75/4 16 Oct 1930, returns cutting. States that the article with Tait's addition was "quite adequate." Comments on the controversy with Mrs Green; he has letters belonging to the deceased and the he had been reading his latest work, A Short History of Ireland.

75/5 28 Oct 1930, talks about money then gives details of articles. Says he is going to present [Robert] Dunlop's work to the Manchester University so that no one can use it without realising it belongs to him [Firth donated some of Dunlop's papers to the University of Manchester Library].