Bundle of letters

Scope and Content

From F.W. Brooks, (b.1900), historian; lengthy correspondence with Tait concerning his research. Brooks was an academic at the University of Hull.

30/1 21 Nov 1931, concerning his book, waiting to get the (Lincoln) rolls numbered to improve reference; will send Tait copy of his book.

30/2 10 Dec 1931, sends offprint of his work on "Lincoln provisions" [unidentified], and asks for comment. Mentions working on study of dispute between Yarmouth and the Cinque ports in thirteenth century, and asks Tait to clarify a point in Ballard (Borough Charters) concerning the jurisdiction of barons of Hastings over Yarmouth.

30/3 13 Nov 1933, happy to provide typescript of the (Lincoln). Asks for advice on couple of points for his introduction, unsure when it will be published. Fears Lincoln Record Society will take a long time over Burghmanmote rolls. Thanks for kind comments on his book.

30/4 2 Feb 1934, also on edition of the Rolls, which trying to complete, queries whether rolls may in fact be memoranda rolls, also making of the rolls, nature of cases, and fact most cases in rolls were backed by royal writ, absence criminal pleas after 1330, absence of mention of waging war.

30/5 11 Feb 1934, thanks for comments (re 4); Tait has suggested rolls were transcripts, asks whether sheriff's court evolved from bailiff's court, possibility of two courts in Lincoln for citizens and non-citizens.

30/6 19 Feb 1934, thanks for the book, further comments on the court records, and the naming of the rolls, pointing out nowhere are they referred to contemporarily as Burghmanmote rolls, and does not consider it to be a memoranda book. Describes on a document he had uncovered in the bench books concerning the sale of ship by Richard de la Pole to John Colyn, with an unusual warranty.

30/7 25 Feb 1934, will check the manuscripts when in Lincoln, discusses how rolls may have been compiled.

30/8 28 Jun 1935, completed introduction to the rolls, and sends a copy, asks for advice about publication, doesn't think Lincoln Record Society can publish, and asks about other possible publishers, including Manchester University Press.

30/9 3 Jul 1935, thanks for criticisms on the roll, his comments on borough court before Conquest, difficulties in finding a publisher.

30/10 21 Oct 1936, Lincoln rolls to be published by Selden Society, asks if could provide a review of it. Asks for his opinion on a 13th century agreement between "rich and poor men of Grimsby", which Brooks considers unique; wonders how poor men were able to achieve the agreement.

30/11 16 Dec 1938, responds to Tait's suggestions that he publish part of his work on the Lincoln rolls, but wants to publish all to be eligible for London D.Litt degree. Considers the rolls are a contemporary extract of actual proceedings.

30/12 22 May 1939, applying for chair at Exeter, asks for reference, notes local history being a feature of the Exeter curriculum. Asks about title for his work on Burghmanmote rolls, still querying nature of the rolls not, believes it to be a selection of Burghmanmote business compiled for reference.