Mlle Souvestre to Mrs Strachey

Scope and Content

In answer to a query from her friend for detail of their life, she says she is unwilling to unload her cares on to her friend. At present there are only two pupils, two more expected shortly; one a charming child, Madeleine, who remained faithful to them during her fifteen months absence [the War] and Berthe who is keen to learn. Added to these are Benedict [nephew] returned to Paris, who is rather a nuisance to them in their present reduced circumstances; and her mother who is on a long visit to them. Their energies are perforce turned to the garden where fruit and vegetables supply their needs. This description of their life will, she thinks, prevent her friend from asking again what her life is made up of. They live on happy memories, but the verdict is 'qu'elle vaut lat peine d'etre vecue'. Lina's neuralgia is nearly cured, but still scares her at times with attacks of coughing. Makes enquiries about various parcels dispatched by post to 'Rutland Gate'. Sent from Les Ruches.