Mlle Souvestre to Mrs Strachey

Scope and Content

She wishes to recommend to her kind attention, Annie Palmer who is arriving in England now and Nancy Paul will take you to her. She herself is very fond of the girl but is impossible to tell what the re-action of others will be. Please to let her know when and for how long she intends to be in Scotland this summer. Gives a brief report on all the pupils: Berthe, who is going on well; Rose who is the pearl of them all; Frances who gives them some trouble at the moment; Ethel Halsey, gay as a skylark. Margaret Strachey is growing into something very charming. It was she who announced about a fortnight ago that the General had become Sir Richard. Of Winifred she will at the moment say nothing. The following Sunday they are having M.Charles Bigot to dinner; he attracts her because though a literary man he is even more a sincere thinker with courage.