Mlle Souvestre to Mrs Strachey

Scope and Content

Thanks for money sent by the General and for her letter which has renewed and prolonged the pleasure of her visit. Dorothy is going on well. Elinor works well: she is very intelligent and has also 'l'esprit singulierement juste'. Asks her to send her the syllabus of the entrance exam for Girton College as she would like to prepare her adequately for that test. She is sending the Condorcet volumes by the demoiselles Turner. Their departure was sad for them as it has reduced their numbers to twelve. She is sending her a few noties which she had drawn up for the Princess Troubetsky which developed the points perhaps useless to touch on with the English public. Her own opinion is that her friend is far better able than she to write an article 'qui frappe juste et fort'. Asks her to send her the paper read by the General to the Geographical Society. M.Malot came yesterday to 'Les Ruches' and offered us his attic; having met Dorothy at the door and embraced her for her charming face. Lina is very tired the result of looking after one of the girls, and we have kept her in bed the last three days.