Mlle Souvestre to Mrs Strachey

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She would have replied at once to her friend's delightful letter but that the evening of the day it was received they were summoned by telegram to Paris; Lina Demongeot, one of the older children was struck down with croup and after an operation finally succumbed. All this had occupied the greater part of that week and must excuse her silence. She has been unable to match up the pattern sent but will continue to try. Comments on the number of 'Art' which she has sent out to her friend. Points out that the disappearance of Millet, Corot and Barye 'cette belle trinite de grandes originalite laissers bien desrt note champs de l'art.' New from 'Les Ruches' not very cheering; Lina under the stress of the last week has got a chill and her pain in the chest has returned; five or six of the children are ill with flu which means constant carte in the day and often at night. Discusses the possibility of visiting her friend in England in the coming may. Suzanne (her niece) has just left them after a week's stay; marriage has changed her physically and she is now quite a beauty 4 Mar. She now takes up again the interrupted letter. Still have five or six invalids. Has tried to match the material in three of the biggest shops but they say it is an English made fabric not to be obtained in France. Hopes the result of Eleanor's exam is satisfactory.