[Dussant] to 'Mon Jeanne Cherie' [Mrs Strachey]

Scope and Content

To say that as she has to write about business she and not Marie is wielding the pen, so as to leave Marie only the pleasure of saying how much we think of her and love her. Yes, they have room to take the daughter of Fitz James Stephen whenever they wish to send her. In one of her letters Mrs Strachey said that she feared that a rise of £20 in the fees would shut the door on many English and open it to more Americans: but she leaves Mrs Strachey with the discretionary powers of giving the old prospectuses as she thinks best. The cost of living has risen so in France that to keep up their standards they must put up the fees (from £3000fr to £3500 fr). Diver news of several of the pupils - Sarah Berthe and Gerty.