Mlle Souvestre to Mrs Strachey

Scope and Content

Asks her to excuse delay in answering her letter, but since her return from Paris she has been very busy with affairs she found had been neglected in her absence; also an attack of neuralgia had not helped. The tales about the cook were grossly exaggerated and arose from the fact that being English she was unused to French ways and French methods of cooking. Thinks she will settle down as will the other two. They all much regret the departure of Eleanor; all her professors and teachers found her full of intelligence. Can arrange for her to travel on the 20th with a school friend. Comments on the death of Victor Emmanuel (1820-1878) and its effect on French politics; thinks the links between Italy and Prussia will become closer, Gambetta's recent visit to Rome was activated by his anxiety on this score. They were very pleased to have a visit from M.Paul who was able to assure himself that his daughter Nancy was in perfect health, and he assured us that when Nancy left he would send us Bertha and Rose. Has not yet said a word to Elinor about her departure. The results of the Municipal election at Fontainbleau are a clean sweep of the old personnel who had occupied the seats for the last twenty years, and a completely Republican set up. 'Vous voyez que nous allons a des jours meilleures'