Mlle Souvestre 'Ma chere Minnie'

Scope and Content

Written from 38 Westbourne Terrace, London (West). She has the greatest confidence in M Ribot And will gladly accept him as an intermediary in the Dussant affair, and if he wishes for an Englishman to assist, one of her English friends will be available. Her position is that she has not enough capital at the moment to start up in England so that she must withdraw some of her share from 'Les Ruches'. [She then sets out the lines on which the negotiations between the two parties may develop and points out that she is owed compensation for the fact that she left 'Les Ruches' at the height of its success after twenty years of effort. Gives a brief history of the school; the purchase of the building; the set back of the Franco-Prussian War with its consequences which lasted until 1879. Gives financial details of the assets when she left in 1883] She ends by saying that she counts on her friend and on M.Ribot to come to her aid.