Mlle Souvestre to Mrs Strachey

Scope and Content

Recalls her travels in Italy (Venice, Florence and Rome) the pleasures of which were doubled by recollections of previous visits there with her friend. On her return home she found Lina passably well. She hopes that her friends are not departing to India, though she knows the value of a person like the General to that country. She would like to know the date when 'le petit inconnu' is expected. When she was at Florence met Mr Herzen who enquired after Mrs. Strachey and asked whether she had finished the translation of 'l'Autre R ?'. He is delighted with M. Paul [see letter of Feb 28 1874]. M.Schiff remembers what a marvellous person you were, and sends his remembrances. Fanny Rowe (who has recently stayed for a fortnight with them) will tell her friend that they are in course of building a large house, 'ce sera une merveille'.