Mlle Souvestre to Mrs Strachey

Scope and Content

Wishes first to talk to her about Dorothy. Since her return to 'Les Ruches' her progress has been very marked and she begs her to allow her to return after Christmas. Her ambition is that she will not only excel in writing but in speech so that she will have the great pleasure of believing that one of her dear friend's children 'tiendra de moi quelque chose qui ajoutera pour elle un prix de la vie'. The Rendels have invited her to London for Eleanor's wedding; but she is not sure whether she will be able to get away. Discusses Lina's state of health at the moment; she returned from Italy very much better and hardly coughing at all, but mentally she is unwell and against all reason takes on too much; the only thing is to let her go on and hope that her balance will be restored. But there are always a few bright spots and at the moment it is Dorothy who supplies the biggest interest and brightness in her life. She wishes she could see more of Pippa. Tell Eleanor how much she wants to be present at her marriage. Memories of her friends are 'mon refuge et un asile ou je m'emporte que les pensees sereines et le moins personnelles possible.'