[Dussant] to 'ma bien chere Jenny' [Mrs Strachey].

Scope and Content

She wants to write to her as she believes firmly that her judgment, given sufficient information, will be just. She has a very high opinion of her character. She will say only one word about the argument which has come between Marie and herself in the last few years. Marie sincerely believes that 'my wounded feelings are the cause of my conduct'. But she is deceived. The reason for her state of mind is the business side of the school which if Marie continues to disregard will land her in the bankruptcy court. She has drawn up three possible courses of action if they are to continue, but thinks the wisest course for her will be to go away on grounds of health. Marie for her part has a scheme for building on land which she has not yet paid for and for which she would need at least £4000 capital. And after twenty years of work we each have only £2000 each. Gives a history of the school which she describes as hampered by debts and overcrowding (48 children to teach). In 1870 when war broke out they went to Italy. She does not think that the details she gives of the running of the school point to a good administration. With envelope.