Caroline Dussant to 'Ma cherie' [Marie Souvestre]

Scope and Content

Written from 'Les Ruches'. Says she has seen M. Gaultry that day and he will write to ask her [Marie Souvestre] to regularise the situation, that is their respective shares in the property must be established. She has told no one that the [Marie Souvestre] has departed; now she will say that after taking advice from several families you have decided to set up an establishment for young girls in England. On a practical point: is she to leave the Souvestre name on the prospectuses; she would like her opinion about it. She also sends her best wishes for 'cette petite soeur des Ruches que vous allez fonder' Let her at least believe that she wishes her no ill. She is going to settle the accounts that week and reminds her of two omissions.