Mlle Souvestre to Mrs Strachey

Scope and Content

She had counted on coming to tell her that her young relation, Margaret Strachey, had just arrived at 'Les Ruches'. Thinks the Strachey reputation will not be let down through her; in any case she seems very musical. Her father who brought her talks of finding a house at Fontainbleau and establishing himself there. Gives news of various people connected with the school and asks her to do one or two things for her. Had heard from Lady Colville who also gave news of the Strachey family and the family affairs. Asks if they have been observing the happenings in France for in what happens in six weeks hangs perhaps the fate of France [the elections of 1876 were unfavourable to the Monarchists and Mac-Mahon summoned the Republicans to power]. She would like to know her and the General's news.