Mlle Souvestre to Mrs Strachey

Scope and Content

Thanks for the £49 sent by the General for Lina; also begs her to give a reply to her last letter as her silence has put her in an awkward position vis a vis Mme Villari as the latter was depending as much on Mrs Strachey as she did on the writer; but you can see her own situation and also judge that of Mme V. The children continue to do well; Dorothy speaks better each day; Elinor continues her studies well as ever but is perhaps a little too serious minded in that direction. Gives news of the comings and goings at the school. Finds the political situation in France alarming. Lethargy seems to have taken possession of all those who surround the President [President MacMahon, 1873-1879] 'On se

amiliarize aved l'idee des crimes politiques comme avec tout autre et a les voir a cheque instant commis on finit pat de plus les juger comme des crimes'.