Mlle Souvestre to Mrs Strachey

Scope and Content

She will begin with expressing her hopes of seeing her soon again. Did she realise it was four and a half months since she had seen her. Mr and Mrs Harrison left them the day before after three days stay at 'Les Ruches' but without her succeeding in attaining her aim of meeting and seeing Gambetta. There follows an involved [discussion] on French politics. The pleasure that Mr Harrison gave us with his company was only spoiled by being unable to do nothing in return. France, by contrast found herself badly represented. They are now reduced to two pupils betokening a rather gloomy future, but as long as Lina carries on well the future cannot appear too black. Enquires for little Pippa. Gives news of M.Nichelet who is still gravely ill; he was able to receive a visit from Mr. Harrison.