Mlle Souvestre to Mrs Strachey

Scope and Content

Writes at some length about the death of her sister, Suzanne, who was possessed with a presentiment of death and was averse to the duties of marriage and maternity. Talks of the chances of success for Gambetta [who had led the resistance to the conservatives set up by Marshall MacMahon 16 May 1877, and then became prime Minister of the Republican majority when MacMahon resigned Jan 1879] She said her views were opposed to those of Lina, and even to those of the General, who all had more confidence on his success than she had. She gives the reasons for her views. Says that the Rowes visited them the previous Sunday and told them that the General was not leaving England until the end of the month. She is very anxious to see her friend again. Just heard that they will be arriving in Paris 8 Nov [1877] and if they want to visit the Chamber 9th or 10th she will have to get tickets for them. Good reports of the girls.