Mlle Souvestre to Mrs Strachey

Scope and Content

Written from Versailles. Thanking her for all the support she has given her over this sad affair. Without her help she would never have been able to get free from the entanglement of Caroline's sentiments and ideas and we should have remained in status quo which would inevitably lost us 'Les Ruches'. She wishes to be just to Caroline. She knows that she has defects and faults which have contributed to the breakdown of the relationship between them. Finally she says she can only thank and bless her friend for saving what could be saved from such a compromising position. She hopes that her great sacrifice will be to some purpose. She thinks that when C. is in possession she will relish power and be less difficult to deal with. With regard to her plans for the future; she cannot now go to Brittany as her relations there wish to come to Paris to see their son. She therefore proposes to stay at Versailles to see them; then if her friend can have her at the end of the next week or the beginning of the week following she will start on her ''errante existence'. Her friend is now her only fixed point. She has always felt the need of a close and trusted friend to whom she an unburden herself, 'et vous etes maintenant pour moi ce quelqu'un' With envelope.