Mlle Souvestre to Mrs Strachey

Scope and Content

No particular news. The newspapers lately have been full of articles by journalists over in England reporting on La Comedie Fraincaise and a literary conference and are expressing as much surprise at discovering the native as Columbus over the Red Indian. 22nd. She will now endeavour to finish her letter. She understands that her friend is going to the Comedie Francaise and is naturally most anxious to hear her opinion of Sarah Bernhard. She, herself, has seen S.B. about six times in all, and her judgment is in complete disagreement with the infatuation of Paris and London. Says she has given 10 francs of money sent by Mrs Strachey to Winifred [b.1864, daughter of Sir John Strachey and first cousin of the Strachey family] She has written about her to Lady Strachey [Mrs Strachey's mother in law]; 'A beaucoup d'egards elle laisse fort a desirer'. She has undertaken to help an old friend of hers who plans an anthology of excerpts from English poets of the current century translated by her into verse. She would value help in selection from Mrs Strachey who has unrivalled knowledge of the poetry of both countries. She encloses a specimen of her friend's work.