Mlle Souvestre to Mrs Strachey

Scope and Content

They have only just heard better news of Andrew; he has once more survived a dangerous crisis and they can only hope that the waters of Vichy will do him some good. Since their return from their visit they can only re-live the delightful days they passed with their friend. On their return cares awaited them; they found Sarah Griffiths ill and suffering remedies applied seemed to add rather that relieve her state; a neglected cough had turned into weakness and night fevers. Lina is better and has got over her depressions. Thanks her for writing so soon when she was in such an anxious state about Andrew. Asks her to send her three numbers of the Revue Politique et litteraire which she left behind. Wonders if the death of George Sand has affected her friend as it has them. In spite of faults she scattered everywhere on all things 'la beaute et la bonte'. Speaks of clouds gathering towards the East. All that she asks is that France and England do not fall out. She hates all complications which tend to separate the interests of the two countries.