[Dussant] to Mrs Strachey

Scope and Content

Has had news of he movements of the Strachey family from Fanny Rowe, but they know nothing of their state of health. At 'Les Ruches' quite a number of changes have occurred since their return from Italy; first is that Sarah [see letter of 19 Dec 1874] has passed the final part of her exam and passed in Mathematics which caused quite a sensation, and it was noted even in the columns of the Times; but the public does not draw the obvious conclusion that a young French girl could do the same if prepared for it. Sarah's health has improved though not yet restored; however they hope she will return and work for the 'licence es science'. She has engaged two teachers, one French and the other English, thus making seven teachers to fourteen pupils. Things are going badly for them, not any new English pupils and instead of ten or twelve Americans only two at the moment. Doubtful about advertising in English journals. She asks her friend to advise them. Also poses the problem of Gerty whose only link with her family was through her sister but recently the father has started to write her. With envelope. Dated from postmark 11 Dec 1876.