Mlle Souvestre to [Mrs Strachey]

Scope and Content

Souvestre writing from Haslewood, Putney addressed to 'Cherie'. The only decision she has come to is that she will have to put off till Jan the opening of her new 'pension'. Before this she must put her affairs to do with Lina on a proper basis. Mr Morley has offered her his help in negotiating with Lina, but she hesitates to use anyone already so fully occupied. Others have also offered their help, but they feel that an Englishman could best represent what she owed to the English connection and what she had lost. She is convinced that she will forfeit the opinion of her English friends if she refused to make a legal arrangement. She has decided therefore to follow their advice and accept what they find just and equitable to arrange for me. Any capital she gets she will use for an enterprise which she is sure all her friends will approve of; she has seen a very fine house in Wimbledon which would be very suitable for her purpose. She is visiting friends in the Lake District about her enterprise; she has indeed burnt her boats. With envelope.