Mlle Souvestre to [unknown man]

Scope and Content

Addressed 'Cher Monsieur'. Written from Allenswood. She thanks him for what he did, unknown to her, with regard to Gerty. She imagines he was very surprised at the reply he received from 'Ruches'. Will he please ask to see her [M.S's] reply to her letter. She states that 'after Miss Dussant's death I asked again and this time to Miss Souvestre personally d was again refused'' If he examines the letter she[M.S.] wrote, he will see that in place of a refusal an invitation to come and stay with her and Berthe at Allenswood as soon as she was free. Two and a half months later she also invited her to join them in a holiday place in the Vosges. She promised to write and give me an account of Mlle S's last days, but 'je l'attends encore'. But if his intervention causes Gerty finally to accept her invitation she will know her indebtedness to him.