Letter from Robert Owen to James Rigby

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter following on from Owen’s letter the previous night. Owen asks Rigby to thank the John Street Committee for their assistance and says Rigby knows how to make the arrangements best suited for him speaking.

Owen goes on to say that when he was in London he had some likenesses taken [photographs?] for his children and grandchildren and asks Rigby to collect them from a man named Claudet. He also asks him to take him some copies of the Gift. Owen gives Rigby directions for sending him the likenesses and other items.

Owen goes on to say that he is meeting a man at 28 Norfolk Crescent, Hyde park and asks Rigby where this is.

Owen says that he has much to do and enquiries of whether various persons will be attending the Congress including William Pare, Robert Cooper and Fleming. He also says that a reporter will be required to attend daily.

Owen asks Rigby to enquire about the cost of placing the advertisement of the Congress in various newspapers.