Scope and Content

Lessee: Thomas Arstingstall of Grantley pa. Ripon co. Yorks gent.

Tenement no.: 38.

Property: a cottage and tenement in Carrington at the side of Sinkins ("Sinkens") Moss, now in the possession of Daniel Owen [of Carrington linen-weaver] as undertenant.

Rent: 1s 6d. Heriot: 5s. Consideration: £4.

Surrendered lease: to Daniel Owen, dated 2 March 1731/2 [cf. counterpart EGR14/3/5/123].

Note on foot that the lessee died before returning to Cheshire to take possession, and the lessee's son sold the cottage to Daniel Owen.

Endorsed: "13 June 1749. Daniel Owen of Carrington... linen weaver to be Lessee..." [see EGR14/2/6/263 below].