Agreements for Letting

Scope and Content

The series contains agreements for the letting of properties on short tenancies, typically quarterly, half-yearly or yearly. The tenancy might be determined by either party on giving three or six months' notice. The agreements were pre-printed, with spaces left for particulars to be entered by hand. All have been endorsed with a note of their cancellation, in some cases the date of cancellation being recorded also.

The majority of agreements relate to the letting of houses, shops, cottages, gardens, small parcels of land, and railway arches at Broadheath in Altrincham. There are agreements for the letting of farms in Altrincham, Bollington, Carrington and Dunham Massey. There is also correspondence relating to the payment of annual acknowledgements for the erection of a business sign, a garage and fences, and wayleave acknowledgements for electricity supply poles in Bollington.

Plans, correspondence and memoranda of rent adjustments are attached to, or enclosed within, many of the agreements.

Acquisition Information

All items were received from the Stamford Estate Office in Altrincham in April 1981.