Papers relating to Tenancy Matters

Scope and Content

The series contains the following items which relate primarily to leasehold tenancies in Bowdon parish: nine bundles of miscellaneous papers relating to tenancy matters, including correspondence concerning the payment of rent, the surrender and repossession of property and the existence of lives in leases, accounts and memoranda of rents and taxes, letting agreements, rent books, notices to quit, valuations of tenancies and other papers, 1848-1890 (EGR14/11/1-9); three bundles containing plans, schedules and correspondence concerning leasehold properties in Bowdon parish, which were retaken for sale on chief rent or re-let on rack rent when the leases expired at the death of the last life, 1853-1919 (EGR14/11/10-12); a bundle of circular letters and notices relating to the Agricultural Holdings Act 1875 (EGR14/11/13); a bundle of papers relating to the tenancy of Grove House Farm in Dunham Massey, 1889-1895 (EGR14/11/14); a bundle of papers relating to a legal action for breach of covenant, 1898 (EGR14/11/15); a bundle of certificates of lives in leases, 1887-1905 (EGR14/11/16); a bundle of miscellaneous papers relating to such tenancy matters as the supply of water to cottages in Sinderland, distraints on tenants' goods for the recovery of rent arrears, and the payment of acknowledgements, 1893-1936 (EGR14/11/17); a file of papers relating to the letting of shooting rights, 1907-1931 (EGR14/11/18); a bundle of papers relating to bankrupt tenants, 1908-1912 (EGR14/11/19); a bundle of papers relating to rent arrears, 1909-1910 (EGR14/11/20); and a bundle of papers relating to the termination of the tenancy of Black Brow Farm in Dunham Massey, 1911-1912 (EGR14/11/21).


Bundles EGR14/11/1-8 were waterlogged during flooding in the cellars at the Altrincham Estate Office in December 1993. This resulted in mould-growth, weakening paper structures, bleeding of inks and severe surface soiling. The integrity of the bundles may have been damaged during the flooding and the subsequent salvage process.