Maps and Plans

Scope and Content

The series comprises the following maps and plans, which were not found in bundles containing other papers: a map of Altrincham township surveyed for the purposes of Altrincham Local Board of Health, 1852 (EGR14/14/1); two large-scale plans of building land in Bowdon parish, showing property sold on chief rent and projected roads in Altrincham, Bowdon and Dunham Massey, n.d. [?1850s] (EGR14/14/2-3); a large-scale plan of the Stamford Estates in Dunham Massey, Bollington, Bowdon, Altrincham, Carrington and Ashton upon Mersey, n.d. [?1880s] (EGR14/14/4); a map of Bowdon parish compiled from Ordnance Survey 6- inch Cheshire Series sheets, n.d. [1880s] (EGR14/14/5); a map of Altrincham, Bowdon and parts of surrounding townships compiled from Ordnance Survey 25.334 inches Cheshire (Mid Division) sheets, n.d. [1890s] (EGR14/14/6); a book of deposited plans for the Altrincham Gas Bill 1893 showing a proposed tramway, 1892 (EGR14/14/7); a bundle containing plans of land in Altrincham sold to Altrincham Local Board of Health and the Altrincham Gas Company and plans of building grounds in Altrincham, Bowdon and Dunham Massey, 1893-1920 (EGR14/14/8).

[It should be noted that numerous plans are to be found in other series of estate papers, particularly the alphabetical bundles of papers (EGR14/15), papers relating to railways, canals, sewerage schemes etc. (EGR14/16), and papers relating to the Wilmslow estate (EGR14/17). A large number of plans from the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries have been retained at the Stamford Estate Office in Altrincham.]