Lease in Trust

Scope and Content

Lessee: Ann Hall of Bowdon, widow of Joseph Hall of Mottram St Andrew yeo dec'd.

Tenement no.: 8A.

Property: a messuage and tenement in Bowdon now in the actual possession of Ann Hall, and fields and parcels of land thereto belonging called the Field behind the House alias the Backside, the Moss Field (formerly in 2 closes called the two Moss Intacks), the Moss Intack alias the Moss Croft, the Long Acre, the Wall Meadow, the Wall Butts, the Shays, the Eye Brooks and the Downs Field (formerly 2 closes called the Downs Field and the Gorsty Field) (11 a. 3 r. 5 p.).

Lessee is to hold upon the trusts declared in a deed poll to be executed by her, same date [EGR14/3/4/7/2].

Rent: £2 12s. Heriot: £2 10s. Consideration: £143.

Surrendered lease: to Joseph Hall dec'd, [EGR14/2/5/41].