Counterpart Lease

Scope and Content

Lessee: John Conrad Heinzelman of King's Road Gray's Inn London gent.

Tenement no.: 1.

Property: the capital messuage in Bowdon called Bowdon Hall, with fields and parcels of land thereto belonging called the House Field, the nearest, middlemost and furthest Moss Crofts, the Little Downs Field alias Sparrow Greaves, the Great Downsfield, the Cookes Acre, the Clay Field, the Long Croft, the Toothill and Toothill Bank, the Green Eye Meadow, the Pearsons Croft, the North Eye Brooks Field, the Blewberry Field, the Bow Green Field, the Woodhall Field, the nearer and further Bow Crofts, the Moss Field, and the Edmunds's Field; also a field in Hale called the Bank Meadow; also closes in Sinderland to. Dunham Massey called Edmunds's or Bufton's Fields, now occupied by George Ashton and William Johnson as undertenants [see EGR14/2/7/496 below for a later lease of these closes]; (total acreage: 42 a. 3 r. 39 p.); also 3 cottages in Bowdon called Birch's, Okell's and Shore's, in the occupation of John Hurlebutt, Peter Pickering and Martha Timmeys as undertenants.

Rent: £3 10s. Heriot: £4. Consideration: £450.

Surrendered lease: to George Edmonds of Clifford's Inn London gent, dated 27 April 1744 [cf. counterpart EGR14/3/4/1 above].

Marginal note relating to Sinderland closes: "Sold to Mr Sam[uel] Hardey by the Devisees in trust of Mr Heinzelman. Now called Dunham Massey No. 105 in Lord Stamfords Books", n.d. [see EGR14/2/7/496-499 below].