File relating to a proposal, by J. J. W. Wilson, to include a selection of poetry written by Burgess while he was an undergraduate at the University of Manchester in an anthology of poetry.

Scope and Content

File contains two letters (with attachments), dated 2 February 1978 and 9 April 1978 respectively, from John Julian William Wilson to Burgess. In the letter dated 2 February, Wilson explains that he is compiling an anthology from poetry written by students, which he intends to publish under the title "Juvenilia". Wilson requests permission from Burgess to include poetry written by him and previously published in the Manchester University magazine, " The Serpent", in the anthology. A photocopy of Burgess's poems is attached to the letter.

In the letter dated 9 April 1978 Wilson attaches a photocopy of the typescript of "Juvenilia" and comments that he has sent a copy of the typescript to Frank Pike of Faber and Faber as Burgess suggested, but Mr Pike thought there was only a slim chance of publication. The poems by Burgess to be included in the anthology have the following titles: "Girl"; "Orpheus and Eurydice"; "To Amaryllis after the Dance"; "Jeweller"; "Wir Danken Unsrem Führer"; "A History"; "The Lowdown on Art or Aesthetics for the Science Student"; and "When it is All Over" by Burgess and John Allan Wilson.