Audio collection

Scope and Content

This collection contains

1) commercial recordings of music and spoken word (primarily on audio cassette or vinyl) owned by Burgess, his wife, Liana, or son, Andrew. (This includes recordings of music and/or literature by Burgess.)

2) home-recordings of, for example, Burgess and/or his family in conversation; playing music; reciting poetry and other literature, such as Hopkins, Shakespeare, Milton, Keats, Dickens, Chaucer and Giuseppe Gioachino Belli; rehearsing lectures; or discussing professional projects with other artists with whom they were collaborating, such as plans for a proposed Italian translation of Burgess's operetta Blooms of Dublin with Mario Maranzana. (Recordings of Burgess reading from his own adaptations of the poet G.G. Belli's sonnets formed a key part of the drafting and editing process: his adaptations were included within the second part of his novel ABBA ABBA.)

3) recordings of public lectures and seminars given by Burgess and formal interviews with him, including a series of 17 lectures about Shakespeare, delivered while Burgess was a teacher at City College in New York in the 1970s.

The vinyl record collection belonging to Burgess and his family has been catalogued in full, and a basic finding list to the remaining audio collection is available

Access Information

Currently, we do not have the facility to play recordings made on vinyl or magnetic tape. However, a number of Burgess's lectures, which were originally recorded to magnetic tape, have been digitised, and may be made available to researchers upon application to the Archivist.