Artwork, furniture, musical instruments, and other objects that belonged to Anthony Burgess, Liana Burgess and Andrew Burgess Wilson

Scope and Content

A collection of artwork, furniture, typewriters, musical instruments, awards, rugs and other objects that belonged to Burgess and his family and formed the contents of their homes in Bracciano, London and Monaco.

Broadly, the collection consists of items which can be attributed to the following 14 categories:

1. Audio and visual equipment, e.g. cameras, radios, telephones

2. Awards, e.g. certificates, medals, trophies

3. Clothing and costume-related accessories, e.g. gloves and fancy dress masks

4. Dining ware and other equipment and utensils, e.g. measuring cups, trivets, decanters, hip flasks, tea cups, dinner plates, and serving forks

5. Furniture, fittings and other decorative accessories, e.g. artwork, floor coverings, furniture, ornaments, curios, and clocks

6. Appliances, tools, and other associated accessories used for heating and lighting, e.g. samovar, candleholders, and lamps

7. Objects acquired in pursuit of personal leisure activities, e.g. chess sets, playing cards, and musical instruments

8. Decorative costume jewellery, e.g. brooches and pendants.

9. Baggage used by Burgess and his family to transport their personal possessions, e.g suitcases, briefcases, and other bags and luggage.

10. Mementoes and memorials of a particular person or event, e.g. a death mask of Anthony Burgess and casts of Burgess and his son, Andrew's, hands

11. Objects used for carrying, holding, or saving money, e.g. purses, wallets, and money boxes

12. Office equipment and stationery, e.g. paperweights, pencil cases, and typewriters

13. Objects acquired to promote personal health, comfort, and well-being, and/or to improve appearance, e.g. spectacles, perfume, walking sticks, clothes brush, and shoe horns

14. Objects used for, or relating to, the smoking of tobacco, e.g. ashtrays, matchboxes, and cigars

The collection is largely uncatalogued, with the exception of a collection of 54 musical instruments and 177 framed artworks, which have photographed and catalogued to item-level.

Access Information


Since this collection is largely uncatalogued, access is via written application to the Archivist.