Incomplete draft script of eight episodes of a proposed 10-episode drama about the life of Shakespeare

Scope and Content

The original script - of which this is a photocopy - contained Burgess's handwritten corrections. The episodes have been given the following titles:

1) Episode One: "Boy Eternal...". (With manuscript annotations in an unknown hand.)

2) Episode Two: "The Upstart Crow".

3) Episode Three: "Fair Friend".

4) Episode Four: "Dark Lady...".

5) Episode Five: "Not Without Right...".

6) Episode Eight: "The King's Men". (With manuscript annotations by Burgess.)

7) Episode Nine: "A World Too Wide..."

8) Episode Ten: "Come To Dust..."

Episodes 1-5 and 8-9 appear to be complete, but the script for episode 10 is incomplete. (This bundle also contains pages 17-24 of an unidentified episode.)

The script of episodes one and two has close similarities with AB/ARCH/A/SHA/6.

Physical Characteristics and/or Technical Requirements

Episode 10 consists of pages 1-10, 14, and 22-26 only.

With damage caused by the use of metal fasteners and some tea-staining and foxing.