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Roger Kenrick to Sir John Trevor (Cannon Row, Westminster): cannot let the meadows as the hay is so thin and short so asks if he should rent a barn as it would be very expensive to carry all the hay to Marford; some meadows are so short and burnt up by drought they cannot be mown and in Leeswood rushes are growing instead of grass; it is a very bad year in every respect with one trouble following another; Andrew Smith is offering to sell all his goods to pay his arrears but he only has '2 cows, 2 sorry horses and a colt, 2 calves and 2 swine' in livestock and '2 beds and tables, chairs and stools' in his house and writer does not see how he will be able to pay in future; a new tenant in Hoseley is demanding a lease for 3 lives or he will not stay; Richard Boult has paid no rent and is letting his buildings fall down so writer wants to scare him with a summons 'he leads a bad life and spends all that he can get and no hope of amendment but a drunken sot'; appends a list of those who have paid money since the accounts were closed.


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