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Roger Kenrick to Sir John Trevor (Cannon Row, Westminster): arrangements for sending money involving Mr Kenrick Edisbury and Mr George Clapp; says he did not let any land to Robert ap Hugh's nephew but that it was Edward Hughes who did so and refutes the claim that the latter is his cousin although he is 'an honest, laborious and a painful man'; Mr Peck cannot let lands for the rent recipient expects because all the local people are so poor; details of changes made to various tenants' leases including that of Edward ap Probert; has put men to fence Leeswood Farm; David Thomas's wife wants to know if he is still alive as she has not heard from him for a long time; Lloyd the joiner's wife has not paid anything since he left; Thomas Price of Holt will take Yardley's burgage and build a house on it if he can have a lease for 3 lives at 10s p.a.; he is a fisherman and gardener by trade and married one of Edward Ledsham's daughters; many properties are unlet including Leeswood Farm, Thomas Powell's in Hoseley, Boult's house also in Hoseley and Leech's house; old John Randle the Recorder has died and so has the bailiff so they are without either official at present.


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