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Roger Kenrick to Sir John Trevor (Cannon Row Westminster): Mr Peck has decided to plant the vines in the kitchen garden at Trevalyn for this season and see how many will grow and 'against winter he intends to make the bowling alley fit by that time to plant them in. He intends to have soil brought from Marford to mix with the land for to make it fit'; dealings with widow Ledsham who claims her husband spent £100 building on recipient's land; the price of corn is currently very low with the best wheat at 3s the bushel and all other grain very cheap; fears widow Ledsham will never be able to keep up with the rent as 'she hath spent much upon her husband which lay sick a whole year and not able to help himself so that her condition is very low and sad. She hath not bread to put in her mouth but what she must have shift for'; Captain Ball has asked for a sycamore tree to make trenchers for himself 'which he ill deserves'.


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