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Roger Kenrick to Sir John Trevor (Cannon Row, Westminster); Andrew Parry has left his house and land in Holt which is now empty and no-one will pay the rent asked for it as they cannot make enough out of it; has been to pay the hearth tax to Mr Whitley but he would not take any for empty houses of which there are 3, viz. Leech's, John ap Prichard's and Nathaniel Davis's; Nicholas Lloyd has died and his wife and son say they had an agreement with Edward Hugh that they would not have to pay a herriot but the latter said he remembered no such thing; the tenant of Yardley's plot in Holt wants a lease for 3 lives instead of 21 years and he will then do some building there; he will pay 10s a year rent 'and a salmon whenever you require it'; requests details of Andrew Smith's lease; has not been able to let the Hopyard or Moores this year as John Griffith of Marford will not continue tenant 'unless I will be at the charge to stook up the owlers [alders] that over comes the ground and to ditch it which was done by Mr Peck about ten years ago and now as bad as then all grown with young owlers for the nature of the Moores is to breed them'; has lost two of his own best cows and a heifer.


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