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Roger Kenrick (Birmingham) to Sir John Trevor (Cannon Row, Westminster): has been gathering the best information he can about sainfoin and had heard of an innkeeper between Uxbridge and Aylesbury who had sown what he thought was sainfoin and found it was actually cinquefoil; had heard of another gentleman named Farmor who lives near Anne of the Hill who had sown it and has talked to his bailiff and seen it growing there; some grew very rank and some poorly but it was the first crop; these seeds sell for 8s [?d] the measure but have all gone; writer next went to Mr Kilbee who could not help but directed him to Woodstock to a gentleman named Hucksley who has sown over 100 acres on very barren land, not gravelly but stony clay, and the crop there was not so rank; writer therefore thinks it needs good ground and must be sown exactly as directed on the printed page for 'Mr Hucksley gave the direction to the man that live in Little Britain at the Cross Keys and it is his seeds that he sells'; he does not have any left this year but recipient may order some for next year and in the meantime he will try to get hold of a bushel for him elsewhere in London for him to try but he does not know of any more being available anywhere in the country; recipient will need to order more in good time and it can be sent to Gloucester and from thence to Shrewsbury by water; Mr Hucksley had many men ditching and enclosing his sainfoin fields and some he used for pasture but writer did not hink his crop very good; Mr Farmor's ground was drier but still clay and writer thinks recipient's lands will suit it just as well and that it is to be expected that it is not very lush when first sown as he had found at Plas Teg.


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